Take Notes in Style

In our first year of 360|Intersect, one of the best pieces of feedback we received was this:

“I can’t comment on the wifi access because I was so engrossed in the talks that I didn’t jump on line during the day.”

Screenshot 2015-04-15 11.25.38That’s pretty high praise. How many times have you been in a conference session and taken a peek at Twitter, Facebook, or email, while the speaker was talking? I admit that I’ve done that before and I don’t think it is uncommon to do so.

Don’t worry, though: there IS internet at the Children’s Creativity Museum Theatre, but I hope you will never need it. :)

My hope is that you will make use of our attendee gift, Field Notes Arts & Sciences collection notebooks:

“The 23rd COLORS release is a 2-Pack of bigger “Note Book” sized FIELD NOTES, an “Arts” book with a wine-colored cover and alternating plain/ruled pages, and a “Sciences” book in slate gray with plain/engineering graph paper inside.”

I love Field Notes and I try to carry a standard one around with me everywhere. In addition to my larger notebook, they’re great for capturing thoughts and ideas, and really great for taking notes in an interesting talk :)




I’m excited to meet everyone in a little over a week! It’s not too late to grab your ticket to what is sure to be a pretty damn amazing time for all. :) Get your ticket now.