Speaker: Rachel Binx

360|intersect presenters are hand picked: we go out of our way to find people we don’t know, to find people who are interesting and have something awesome to share. Rachel was introduced to us by another presenter, and we knew immediately she had cool things to talk about.

Rachel’s answers highlight why we do 360|intersect.

1. What was your first thought on hearing what 360|intersect was about?

I was excited to see a conference that combined speakers and attendees from different corners of the tech world, and that also promotes talking about non-tech projects outside of work!

2. There’s a lot of conferences and events out there, what made you want to be a part of 360|intersect?

I’m excited to not have to tailor my talk to any one specific audience, not “designers” or “developers,” but to talk to a diverse crowd of attendees. I was also impressed that so many of the talks incorporated projects and interests from outside of the speakers’ professional life. I’d love to see conferences, and the tech sector in general, start promoting a better work-life balance.

3. What speaker, other than you, are you most excited to see present/meet?

I’m looking forward to hearing Julia speak, because I’m keen to see her work on increasing empathy and mental-health awareness within the tech industry. I’d love to pick up some tricks on how to be more aware of neurological diversity in my own life, and developing safe spaces in the workspace.

4. What do you hope to take away from 360|intersect?

I’m looking forward to meeting people outside of my bubble of tech, and to learn about projects that I wouldn’t otherwise have heard about.


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