Speaker: Julia Nguyen

One of the things I like so much about 360|intersect is the people. We don’t do a Call For Papers, rather we ask people to recommend amazing people they know. Past speakers have recommended people, so have strangers. Speaker Julia Nguyen comes from someone we don’t know submitting her name. Julia and I chatted over Skype and I knew she’d be an amazing fit. She’s a technologist, with a passion for exploring and addressing mental health in the tech sector.

We asked all our speakers 4 questions, here’s what Julia had to say.

What was your first thought on hearing what 360|intersect was about?

“360|intersect is incredible!” I couldn’t believe a conference existed for people in the tech and design industries can to talk share their passions outside of their job description.

There’s a lot of conferences and events out there, what made you want to be a part of 360|intersect?

The conference highlights the importance of exploring the world outside of your job. In tech, people are so consumed by their job. Our job and the culture that surrounds it becomes can define our identity. It’s important to step back from that fast-paced, highly competitive world and think about other aspects of our lives that are important.

What speaker, other than you, are you most excited to see present/meet?

Tough question! I’m excited to meet everyone and see their talks. The talks coverage a broad range of topics and disciplines – it’s refreshing!

What do you hope to take away from 360|intersect?

My only goal to learn and find motivation to pursue and investigate new things outside my comfort zone!

It’s not too late! Grab your ticket now, to 360|intersect 2015. You won’t regret it, I promise :)