Speaker: Josh Michaels

Josh spoke at the first 360|intersect. In fact he carried a lot of weight that year, with one official talk, one “I want to try this talk out” talk, and he brought in and displayed  Future Canvas for participants. It was awesome. This year he’s back and we had a few questions for him.


1. What was your first thought on hearing what 360|intersect was about?
My favorite kind of talks are people sharing their personal projects along with the highs and lows of creation. You get to see one or two of these talks at bigger technology centric events but seeing a whole conference filled with them is a joy. So my first thought was “finally – a conference with only the style of talks I love.”
2. There’s a lot of conferences and events out there, what made you want to be a part of 360|intersect?
This event is special in many ways, but one that stands out is that it’s still small enough that the attendees and speakers are on the same level. You get to hang out with and learn directly from the speakers outside of the talks which can often reveal great insights.
3. What speaker, other than you, are you most excited to see present/meet?
I’m most excited to hear from Doug McCune. His talk at the first intersect was very inspiring and I can’t wait to see what he has in store for this year.
4. What do you hope to take away from 360|intersect?
I hope to take away inspiration and motivation to continue pursuing my more creative and obscure projects. I also hope to meet new people who may be potential collaborators for future projects.
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