Doors Close, Doors Open

As often happens, sometimes life gets in the way of things: Tom Gonzalez is closing on a house this week and also moving; and Kim Chambers will be swimming 30 miles in the bay with a team of amazing folks, going for a world record swim. Both are no longer able to present at 360|intersect this weekend.

That’s a door closing (well, two of them LOL).

The door opening is that, in a pinch, two amazing people have stepped in to fill the gap: David Salaman will be presenting “The Social Consequences of all the Smart People Going into Either Finance or Software”, and Adrien Segal will be presenting “Form Follows Data”.

Both of these awesome folks came as introductions from the other speakers. As I’ve mentioned before, 360|intersect is a curated group of people participating in essentially a modern day salon. I’m really excited about both of these presenters; I think they’re going to add something special to the event.

I’m bummed that Kim and Tom won’t be able to join us, but they’re gonna have even better things to share next year :)