Speaker: Garth Braithwaite

We asked our speakers a few questions, so that you get a better idea who our awesome speakers are. Garth is up first. 1. What was your first thought on hearing what 360|intersect was about? We need this, a look into the things that drive us, not just the type of IDE we use, or the […]

What is 360|intersect like?

We asked attendees at the last 360|intersect what they thought about the event: “Great meeting people and hearing from their varied, but similar experiences. Biggest takeaway from the talks – work at a sustainable pace on something useful / beautiful that motivates you. Indie doesn’t mean alone.” ‘Varied but similar’. That was kind of enlightening: […]

Give us a weekend, we’ll change your life.

As we welcome Rachel Binx as our latest speaker, finalizing the amazing line up that is 360|intersect 2015, I’m reminded why this event exists. Of the ten amazing speakers, I know six from other events. The other four are introductions. We’ve never met, outside of this we might not have ever met. But I’m delighted, and excited […]

Welcome Our final speaker

So very happy to announce our final speaker!!! Rachel Binx! Rachel does some very cool stuff and I’m thrilled that she’s accepted a spot as speaker. In the coming days I’ll be doing more in-depth posts about each speaker, but for now, Welcome Rachel to the now complete line up for 360|intersect.