Speaker: Rachel Binx

360|intersect presenters are hand picked: we go out of our way to find people we don’t know, to find people who are interesting and have something awesome to share. Rachel was introduced to us by another presenter, and we knew immediately she had cool things to talk about. Rachel’s answers highlight why we do 360|intersect. […]

Speaker: Rachel Richards

I met Rachel at an event in Denver, and knew she’d be an awesome addition to 360|intersect. She’s our latest speaker highlight!   1. What was your first thought on hearing what 360|intersect was about? I have always tried to incorporate creativity into my every day life. My career in the field of workplace misconduct is […]

So What do you Call 360|intersect?

We don’t like to call 360|intersect a conference for a few reasons: We don’t do it in typical conference settings. We don’t have a sponsor hall. We emphasize discussion between and during the presentations. We don’t say we’re a festival either (though that’s closer): we may have interesting art exhibits from speakers on display, but […]

Speaker: Josh Michaels

Josh spoke at the first 360|intersect. In fact he carried a lot of weight that year, with one official talk, one “I want to try this talk out” talk, and he brought in and displayed  Future Canvas for participants. It was awesome. This year he’s back and we had a few questions for him.   1. […]