360|Intersect 2015

Give us a weekend. We’ll change your life.

12 Inspiring Talks. 2 Days. Endless Possibilities.

April 25-26, 2015
Children’s Creativity Museum
San Francisco

360|intersect is a celebration of the creative spirit and how technology and art intersect in our lives. Through our twelve hand-picked speakers, we will inspire you to go home and start new projects, finish old ones, or even change your path in life.

We are different from the many tech-focused events out there in that our event opens doors of possibilities and creates bonds between different groups of people who would not meet otherwise. Whether you’re a programmer with an artsy side or a creative writer interested in the world of technology, we’ve got something for you at 360|Intersect.

See what past attendees have said about 360|Intersect:

“I think the idea of the conference is excellent, and it’s a perspective that is sorely needed. Technical conferences are great, but ultimately what we do is not about technology: it’s about communication, solving problems, and making things. I think technology has become an end unto itself—at a tech conference it’s easy to lose track of the bigger picture. I think we need a conference that is just about ideas and inspiration.”


“Great meeting people and hearing from their varied, but similar experiences. Biggest takeaway from the talks – work at a sustainable pace on something useful / beautiful that motivates you. Indie doesn’t mean alone.”


“I can’t comment on the wifi access because I was so engrossed in the talks that I didn’t jump on line during the day.”


“The technology community is a very diverse community. I was amazed at all the interests outside technology, from running and hiking to race car driving to traveling to world to taking pictures. I also liked how these non-tech interests influenced the speaker’s career and life choices. As one attendee said to me, technology conferences are about professional development; Intersect was more about personal development.“


Join us April 25-26th, 2015 at the Children’s Creativity Museum in downtown San Francisco and make connections that matter.

This is your opportunity to seize serendipity.