360|intersect 2015 – A Success

I’ve had a week to digest what 360|intersect 2015 was for me.

First I consider it a success. We had a great line up of presenters from all around the tech, art, design spectrum. Each of them had an amazing story to share.

The crowd was small, but massively engaged! Each session ended with great questions and discussion. That’s exactly what I wanted to see.

I’ve come to love the term “Modern day salon” in describing 360|intersect. it really does fit.

The session recordings are complete, you can watch them here. You can download them for later from the vimeo portfolio.


I want to thank every speaker and attendee who made 360|intersect 2015 so amazing. We’re on to something, it’s not dialed in yet, but we’re on the right path. I think next year we’ll have this amazing experience even more refined. Jordan had some amazing thoughts and insights into his experience, that I think both capture the great potential of 360|intersect, and the difficulty of 360|intersect.

But, again. Right Path.